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 Rasmus <Gm> apply (new)

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PostSubject: Rasmus <Gm> apply (new)   Mon Jul 07, 2008 11:19 am

This is my Second apply i know i did Wrong at the last one,

1 ) What is your name? Rasmus

2 ) How old are you? 18

3 ) What is your main character's name on DeathWoW? Deathbringer

4 ) Will you use your powers for your own good? No. i will help players so much as i can before i am fixing things for my self,

5 ) Tell us about yourself. my name is Rasmus and i live in Sweden and i am 18 years ^^ i live in a small town so small that it take less then 10 min to walk by it ^^ but anyway i am a sport freek that love football really much Smile i am playing in my second fotball team now finaly found a better team to play in Smile

6 ) Have you any previous Gamemaster abilites?Yes, i been gm on several other servers before and i know almost every command.

7 ) What is 5 5x10?(If this is wrong, you application wont even be considered) (
Editted by Aldyer, got this right but i dont want noob copiers to copy ya. Wink )

8 ) Why do you think we should choose you?i am a nice and helpful player that know how hard it can be if a gm don't behave and act nice to players.

9 ) What hours can you play? (Include timezone.) GMT 16:00 - 24:00 on Monday to Friday but around 10:00 to 24:00 on weekends Smile

10 ) What country do you live in? Sweden

11 ) What qualities do you posses? i got a program called Antrix ID search that have all id's stored and i also know allot of commands allmost everyone and i also got a file whit soem event on so i know soem easy event to make and how to do them Smile

// Cya in game Deathbringer,, Blood Elf Rogue lol!
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Rasmus <Gm> apply (new)
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