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 zuhail application

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PostSubject: zuhail application   Sat Jul 05, 2008 8:23 am

1 ) What is your name? My name is Cove Smith

2 ) How old are you?
I am 17
3 ) What is your main character's name on DeathWoW?
4 ) Will you use your powers for your own good?
No. Only to help other players
5 ) Tell us about yourself
Im 17 i live in Great Yarmouth, I love World of Warcraft and will try and get on it all time. Im a polite person to talk to and im a good listener plus will try and help out with problems in game or RL
6 ) Have you any previous Gamemaster abilites?
7 ) What is 5+5x10?(If this is wrong, you application wont even be considered) 55

8 ) Why do you think we should choose you?
I think that with me as a gm i could help Death-Wow be number one. i offer great service to other players aswell as other gms
9 ) What hours can you play? (Include timezone.)
At the moment im unable to say what hours i can play. my lifestyle is very random and can oftain change
10 ) What country do you live in?
Great Britain
11 ) What qualities do you posses?
fairly good imagination thats useful for sorting out problems and dont get bord to easily and oftain stay on longer than needed to

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zuhail application
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